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I will link to your site. Feel free to send me links. I would prefer if you had a banner to go with it, but I'm not picky. In general I will link to your site, provided I consider the content tasteful.

Other Webcomics/ Webmanga

Chimame no Michi no MESSIAH
8-Bit Theater
Donut Girls
In Due Time
Legendary Magical Angel Princess Celeste
SundownerThe Rift
Constellation EliteProfessional Dork Mafia
Hell Sells BagelsThere Be Elves
Slayers Hamlet

Web Rings and Banner Exchanges

Fantasy web manga exchange

Friends, Fans, and Well-wishers' Sites

Multiverse High
Uncreative Productions
Other Fun Things

For any one who's ever believed in a cause...
Monthly Anime Gaijin -- aka art contest I compulsivly enterMonthly Original Bishoujo -- aka another art contest I compulsivly enter

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Remember to save this to your site. And be sure to e-mail me, and I'll put up a link to your site here. These banners were done in about 10 minutes each, so they kinda suck. If you make a better one, feel free to use it. And send it to me, so I can have something halfway decent.
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