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The Species of the Ankaa's Universe
Yeah, there are more, but they don't show up. Or haven't yet...

The first alien species humans made contact with. Physically, they average 1.65 m tall (5'6"), and there is little difference between the sexes. They are classified as psuedo-mammalian humanoids (they have hair and all the other characteristics of mammalians, except mammary glands). They have blue skin, greenish hair, gill slits on their neck (they breathe air, but can use the gills to breathe underwater), webbed digits and pointed ears. They are the only race with natural psi: all Starsailors can communicate with other telepaths, but only with physical contact. By tradition, only those Starsailors with stronger abilities than this are considered psis.
Culturally, the Starsailors are facinated by knowledge and information. They are rather social, but treasure the differences between poeple: "Unison does not a symphony make." They have a musically based language, and have a base-6 numerical system. They tend towards small families, so they are the least populous of the Major Speices. They are strict monogamists -- a product of their evolution and their natural psi. They also tend towards compromise in interstellar diplomacy.

Arapians are avian humanoids, with feathery hair and copperish skin. They are short (1.4 m/ 4'8") and slender. There are very few differences between males and females. Psi is rare among them.
Arapians treasure verbal conflict. They believe the best way to find the truth is to argue it out. This can make diplomacy with them irritating, though most Arapian diplomats are selected for their tact and restraint. The Arapians have a somewhat hard human-like language, and a base-20 number system. They have no strict rule about familial development, like humans.

They are mammalian humanoids, with brownish hair (with a distinctive colored streak in the front), dark eyes, and ivory skin, with purple undertones. They have purple, cobalt-based blood. Theyav re the most humanlike in size and shape.
The Darynese are the most primitive and backwater of the Major Species. Most of their technology is imported. The reason they are so far benind is that Darynese culture stresses conformity. There are few scientists, inventors, and almost no artisits among them. Recently, leaders have been trying to change that. The Darynese have a syllibic language and a base 10 number system. They value family, and are strict monogamists. They are also one of the only species to still classify homosexuality and cross-species dating as deviant. Psi is almost unheard of among Darynese, but it is belived that is cultural and not biological.