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Magic on Hinode
Magic on Hinode is based on three elements and their antithesis: Heart, Mind, and Strength. Each element and antithesis also has a terrain affiliated with it, and a color. Each antithesis also has a school of magic affiliated with it. I'll run down each element or antithesis:
  • Strength (color: orange, terrain: mountains): This represents physical strength.
  • Heart (color: yellow, terrain: forests): This represents the willpower, spirit, and determination of beings.
  • Mind (color: green, terrain: shore): This represents quick thinking and cleverness.
  • Not-Strength (color: blue, terrain: plains): This represents the Calling school of magic.
  • Not-Heart (color: violet, terrain: the deep ocean): This represents the Mental school of magic.
  • Not-Mind (color: red, terrain: deserts): This represents the Elemental school of magic.

Schools of Magic:
There are three schools of magic on Hinode --well, four if you count Sprite magic. I'll give a run-down on them:

  • Elemental Magic: This uses the forces of nature to produce the desired effect. It is most similar to so-called 'black magic' in many traditional RPGs. Elemental magic has the most straight offensive power, but it does have its non-combat uses.
  • Mental Magic: This uses the forces of the mind to produce the desired effects. It is most similar to the status effect spells in many RPGs (except it usually works most of the time). It also includes telepathy and illusions. It is perhaps the most subtle of the magic schools, and the one requiring the most guile to use offensively.
  • Calling Magic: This uses the forces of empathy to call the spirits for assistance. It is most like a combination of healing white magic and summoning in traditional RPGs. This is perhaps the most valuable and practical of the schools of magic. Though it may seem useless in combat, a calling mage with powerful spirits on his/her side can be deadly.
  • Sprite Magic: This is a combination of all three shcools of magic, but in a limited sense, based on a specific element. It is innate to sprites, and cannot be used by others.