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The Worlds of Hinode and Hinoiri

Hinode and Hinoiri are a double world system (that means they orbit the center of mass in the system, which orbits their sun). They are magically connected by the Dawn Way, a glowing path between them that can only be traveled by powerful magic.
Hinode is the magic world. It has six native species, plus the sprites and the spirits, which are anthropomorphications of the magical forces. It is relatively primitive -- I'd say Renaissance technology. Magic is very common there (no, really...)
Hinoiri is the non-magical world. It is slightly more technologically advanced (I'd say Industrial Revolution) There are several species there, with Elves as dominant. Magic is used, in the form of immigrants and artifacts from Hinode, but natives of Hinoiri have no inherent magical abilities. A single monarchical government governs Hinoiri. Lord Delwyn is the current ruler.