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The Species of Hinode and Hinoiri
I haven't finished creating them, so the profiles are a little sparse and Hinoiri is vastly underpopulated...

Hinode Species
Most sentient species on Hinode tend not to talk to or trade with one another. The exception is the sprites, whom which everyone trades with.

  • The Sprites: Are not really biological creatures at all, but are concentrations of Hinode's magical field. They have no set gender. There are six types, one for each of the elements. They live in small villages and generally steward the land and preserve knowledge of magic. They are quite small (0.3 m/1 foot), with pointed ears, antennae, and dragonfly-like wings.
  • The Djinn: Are a desert people, human-looking, but with exotic coloration. They are somewhat trecherous when crossed. They are said to be shapechangers, and domesticate a species of large avian as mounts.
  • The Sphinx: Are a bipedal species, with human-like faces, solidly built, fur-covered bodies with cat-like feet and claws, wings on their backs, and long tails. They are said to value knowledge and cleverness above all. They are native to the mountains, and have a matriarchal society.
  • The Kitsune: Are a species with fox-like ears, bushy tails and blunt claws. They live in the forests. They are said to be mischevious and curious. They also have excellent night vision, and have mastered the art of astronomy.
  • The Selkies: Are another human-looking species, but they have pale skin, dark hair, and blue or grey eyes. They are the best sailors and are responcible for what little oceangoing trade Hinode has. They have an almost instinctive sense of the weather. They live on the shores.
  • The Vitore: Are the most friendly and outgoing of the species of Hinode. They live on the plains, with an agrarian society. They are excellent fortunetellers, with almost insticntive precognition. They appear reptilian, with snake-like heads, tails, and slitted eyes. They are cold bloed, so are strictly diurnal.
  • The Merfolk: Are quite possibly the most little-known species, though they are almost as friendly as the Vitore. The cannot breathe air, so live in the deep oceans. They are generally helpful, and will rescue any air-breather that is drowning. They make skilled doctors, though it is difficult to obtain treatment from them. They are fish-tailed, finned and brightly colored -- with coloration depending on clan.
  • The Spirits: Nobody is quite sure what the Spirits are, but it is said by the Sprites that they are Sprites and mages who left their physical bodies to exist solely in the magical field of Hinode. They are quite powerful, but can only be contacted by calling mages, as it is difficult for them to exert force on the 'real world'. The caller can actually focus enough energy to give a Spirit physical form for a short time. The Spirits, like the Sprites, are divided by element. 6 powerful Spirits 'rule' over their elements.
The Six Mortal Races of Hinode

Hinoiri Species
Sentient speices on Hinoiri tend to mix much more than those on Hinode.

  • The Elves: Are the dominant species on Hinoiri. They are ruled by a monarch. They are pointed eared humanoids. They also are as magical as a potted petunia, like most species native to Hinoiri.
  • Halflings: Short little speices, subject to the elves. Rather strong willed and somewhat steampunk, if you know what I mean. (I never did like boring halflings)
  • There is one other speices on Hinoiri -- still thinking who they are. Also, there are many immigrant Hinode native species on Hinoiri. Hey, magic sells.