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Ankaa Technical Skematics
The Ankaa is a Alpha-class starship, owned by the SSEP, with a standard crew of 4 (AI handles most tasks). She is 33 m (110 ft) long, and has two decks. Her maximum n-space speed is 10 parsecs per day. She can carry enough supplies to last for a month, and is outfitted with a small atmospheric craft, the Firebird. (Yes, I put far too much work into this)
The Ankaa

The Star by Star Exploration Program
The SSEP was founded by the Human psi Edward Connor about 100 years ago. It is a civilian organization dedicated to mapping new planets and solar systems for scientific gain and for new colonies. About 60% of its members are psis.
The typical crew of a SSEP has one primary pilot, one biologist/doctor, one engineer/physicist and one social scientist/communications officer. The most senior of the crew is considered captain, and, by protocol, the other crew members deffer to him/her in emergencies.