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Maybe I Don't Like You Either

From: Unoriginality (website)
UO drew this for me at a sleepover. We were discussing Slayers (What else?) and a fanart she saw of Amelia (aka Slayers character most commonly based, unless you ship her with Zelgadis (Like me ^_^)). She was wearign a T-shirt that read "Maybe I don't like you either". The conversation later led to how Melody's original concept was very much a female Zelgadis... (aka angsty teenaged chimera with an inclination for guitar playing -- the original Melody was less human looking, too -- she had grey skin, webbed fingers and gills, as well as everything else). I then told UO that, as Melody changed, I decided to keep the Zel phase... as something that happened in Melody's early teenaged years. Eventually, she just decided, if people are gonna treat her like a freak, they can just go hang. This lead us back to the T-shirt... It was 1 AM; you are lucky the story was this coheirent.