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A.K.A. Rebecca sucks at costume design

Closed due to lack of interest

Okay... here's the deal. I can do cool-looking science-fiction-y modern costumes, but I really suck at fantasy ones. So, I'm gonna have a "Dress My Characters" Contest. Design a fantasy-esque costume for the main characters in Phoenix Dawn, win a mediocre prize.

The Rules
As I said, I suck at costume design, but I want the characters to have spiffy psuedo-RPG, fantasy costumes. I could either do a lot of looking up RPG characters and 'borrowing' the elements I like, or I could turn it over to the fans. I chose the latter (but will do the former for lack of demand).
Just follow my general suggestions below, and e-mail them to me at by April 28 (odd date, I know) or whenever I absolutly need them, whichever comes first. I then will pick a winner for each character. He/she will get a signed print of the character in the outfit he/she designed, credit on this site, and a possible cameo charater in a future issue.

Costuming Guidelines

  • Alri: Okay, something vaguely warrior-esque, but not full-plate aromor, and NOT anything that involves the words 'chain mail' and 'bikini' in the same sentence. Look at other female warriors.
  • Melody: Mage robes... something flowing. I don't know on this one, really. Look at other magic users, but more towards black/offensive magic.
  • Phillee: Another mage. Remember Phillee has no figure, so nothing low-cut. Tend towards the white/status effect kind of magic.
  • Riki: A third mage. His magic is white/healing/summoning magic, but good luck finding a model, because this is traditionally a female occupation in most other seires.

I got a grand total of 1 entry -- from a real life friend I hounded into doing it. She's already helping me with this, so she didn't get much except my gratitude. I have designs for the cast's costumes, which will be uploaded once I color them.