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Notes, Thoughts and Ramblings...
Cover: Version 2.0 I like this one better, as it was done in one piece... but it was done before I got India ink, so the backgorund is a bit light. I love Delwyn's eyes. The logo is a bit off, though.
Page 1: Colored version now up... Guess who discovered the marker she thought was permanent wasn't when she tried to watercolor in order to svae her pencils... don't mind me... the whiteout fumes have gotten to me... Page 2: And the sucky art commences. Phillee looks far too young in that last panel -- she looks more like Melody's little sister than her adopted mother. I hate profiles... Page 3: Wow... speed lines... and my first non-verbal panel. But my speech bubbles suck...a dn it would help if my character's opened their mouths.