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Rikayo Darenka, Engineer
Rikayo "Riki" Darenka
Pronouciation: Ree-kai-yoh (Ree-kee) Dah-ren-kah
Age: 20
Species: Darynese
Birthday: March 17
Psionic Abilities: Telepathy, precognition, teleportation, telekinesis
Magical Abilities: Calling magic
Hobbies: Drawing, taking things apart, putting things together.
Riki is the first publically-acknowledged Darynese psi, somthing that marks him as a bit of an outcast. He left home as an adolescent for training on Earth. Though he has spent a great deal of time among humans, he still comes off as very naive and overly polite, despite his obvious intellegence and creativity.

Riki is best friends with Melody, and often goes to her for advice about people. He's glad to see another Darynese, so he is trying to cultivate a friendhsip with Alri (he doesn't realize she has a major crush on him). He is also very protective of his little sister, Aris.

Fun Fact: Riki was the first male character I felt comfortable narating a story from his POV.

Seiyuu: Midorikawa Hikaru
Better known as: Tamahome (Fushgi Yugi), Rayle (Lost Universe), Ail (Sailor Moon), Fiore (Sailor Moon), Zelgadis Graywords (Slayers)
It's simple. Midorikawa Hikaru has a cute voice. It's about the right pitch for Riki's. So there you go.

Rikayo Darenka, Calling Mage