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Miklin D'Lani
Miklin D'Lani
Pronouciation: Mee-cleen Duh-Lan-nee
Age: 12
Species: Arapian
Birthday: April 8
Psionic Abilities: Telepathy, telekinesis, teleportation
Hobbies: Sports, comic books
Miklin is a diplomat's son, so theorectically, he should be well-behaved. Usually, he is, but he tends to be a bit obnoxious and argumentative. He also tends to ignore tact, and can be pretty sarcastic.

Miklin is the third member of Saria's little group. He's usually the one in the back who points out all the flaws in Saria's plans. Deep down, though, he loves the sense of adventure he gets from their escapades.

Fun Fact: Miklin was originally female (and named Mikla). I changed his gender because I had a lack of male characters.

Seiyuu: Hiiragi Mifuyu
Better known as: Rumiya(Pretty Sammy)
Group Miklin under the category of prepubscent male characters with female seiyuus.