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Melody, Communications Officer
Pronouciation: Mel-lo-dee
Age: 20
Species: Starsailor/Human Chimera
Birthday: July 10
Position of the Ankaa: Communications, cultural officer
Psionic Abilities: telepathy, mind shield, teleportation, telekinesis, psychometry
Magical Abilities: Elemental magic
Hobbies: Music
Melody is a very perceptive indivdual. She is also a cynic. A product of a unique accident, Melody is unique -- the only Human-Starsailor hybrid in existance. This makes her think of herself as an outsider. She also has a very low opinion of her own appearance -- she'd describe herself as plain at best. She tends to feel most comfortable around other outsiders.

Melody was adopted by Phillee after the accident. Phillee introduced her to Riki, and they quickly became best friends. She doesn't really like Alri, as she sees her as in terested in Riki only for his psionic powers and parentage.

Some notes on the costume to the right -- Melody hates it, but apparently it's customary for young female Elemental mages to wear revealing attire... generally she's in a worse temper when she's in her magic clothing...

Fun Fact: I created Melody before seeing much of Slayers. When I came back to my original notes, I found out that Melody's original concept was very much female Zelgadis in a science-fiction world. Even her brand of magic is similar.

Seiyuu: Tomizawa Michi
Better known as: Rei (Sailor Moon), Doris (Vampire Hunter D), Leila (Lodoss War), Aira (Those Who Hunt Elves)
Mainly selected based off of Rei's image song (I happen to have the mp3). Melody has a nice singing voice, so I has to pick someone with a nice voice.

Melody, Elemental Mage