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Kai Shoresprite
Kai Shoresprite
Pronouciation: Kai Shore-sprite (duh!)
Age: unknown
Species: Sprite
Birthday: unknown
Magical Abilities: Water-based magic
Hobbies: Ancient prophecy, study of magic
Kai is a bookwormish sprite archivist in a small town on Hinode. He's (Sprites don't have gender. I call Kai he because I need more male characters) somewhat irritating, but one of the most single-minded individuals you'd ever meet. Kai meets the group when they land practically on his town's doorstep. He is glad to help... maybe someone will finally appriciate his brilliance.

Fun Fact: I suscribe to the theory that small flying things generally act like hummingbirds -- the bravest creatures per gram that exist.

Seiyuu: Kozakuro Etsuko
Better known as: Ryo-ohki (Tenchi Muyo, Pretty Sammy)
Unfortunatly, beign a foot tall precludes many things... like having a male seiyuu.