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Lord Delwyn of Hinoiri
Lord Delwyn of Hinoiri
Pronouciation: Lord Dell-win of Hee-noh-ee-ree
Age: 25
Species: Elf
Birthday: unknown
Magical Abilities: None, but can steal the abilities of others.
Hobbies: Ancient prophecy, study of magic, plotting universal domination
Delwyn is the villain of the comic. Born on Hinoiri, the only child of the King and Queen of the Elves, he was very bitter about his lack of magical abilities. So he decided to get some. He created an artifact that let him steal the magic of others -- but that was only temporary, and did involve him (or his supporters) going to Hinode to kidnap people. So, he did some research on the subject and discovered an old prophecy about three children innately of the elements that would have the ability to create magic. Now, if only he could find them...

Fun Fact: Before I even knew Delwyn's name or even gender, I knew he was going to be an elf. I have issues with elves...

Seiyuu: Koyasu Takehito
Better known as: Red Preist Rezo(Slayers), Hotohori (Fushigi Yugi), Yosho (Tenchi Muyo), Il Palazzo (Excel Saga)
I wanted a deep, self-assured, strong voice for Delwyn. Plus, I find it funny that Delwyn looks rather like a elf version of Il Palazzo (I created Delwyn before seeing Excel Saga).