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Aris Darenka
Aris Darenka
Pronouciation: Ah-rees Dah-ren-kah
Age: 12
Species: Darynese
Birthday: September 15
Psionic Abilities: Telepathy, precognition, teleportation, psychometry
Hobbies: Reading science books.
Aris is Riki's little sister, and is, quite possible, a genuis about math and science. She's introverted, and often overwhelmed by all the strange new things she's seen since she's left Daryn for psionic training. She's also quite rational, and, probably less naive than her older brother.

Aris hangs around with her two friends, Saria and Miklin. She ofen serves as the rational one. She also wants desperately to live up to her brother's image.

Fun Fact: Aris is probably the character most like me -- my friends even compared her hairstyle and dress to mine.

Seiyuu: Touma Yumi
Better known as: Urd (Oh! My Goddess), Spinel Sun, (Card Captor Sakura), Yui (Fushigi Yugi), Deedlit (Lodoss War), Ann (Sailor Moon), Sylphiel (Slayers), Tokimi (Tenchi Muyo)
Basically I see Aris as having a very Sylphiel-esque voice when she's worried,a dn a very Yui-esque voice when she's not.