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Pronouciation: Ah-ree-ah-nah
Age: Unknown -- appeared about 6 physically, but is much older mentally
Species: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Magical Abilities: Undefined -- a lot.
Hobbies: Psychology, tactics, history, manga, traveling, practical jokes
Who is she? Where did she come from? And where did she get that cool Xellos shirt? I want one! Arianna is a mysterious 'little girl' who is assisting Delwyn. Don't let her size or appearance fool you -- she's quite possibly as competent as Delwyn (who was originally designed as a responce to the 'stupid' villains). She also will never wear the same shirt twice.

Though she does possess a maturity that betrays her real age, Arianna isn't above playing jokes on Delwyn and doing childish things, like read manga all night or chase after prepubsecent guys. Delwyn keeps her around because she has very powerful magic, and everything else aside, she is a very competent advisor. That and, though he cannot hurt her directly, he can threaten to burn her manga if she gets out of line (too much).

Fun Fact: Arianna was originally created by my friend, Cassie. I just borrowed her and gave her a setting to play in.

Seiyuu: Ikura Kazue
Better known as: Hellmaster Phibrizzo(Slayers NEXT)
Most of my friends describe Arianna as Phibby-kun (Yes, I get a kick out of describing Mazoku Dark Lords by diminutives) if he was capable of love. Both have the childlike evil streak, and both realize that a childlike form is a good way to misdirect.