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Alriai Aborin, Pilot
Alriai "Alri" Aborin
Pronouciation: Al-ree-eye (Al-ree) Ah-bore-een
Age: 21
Species: Darynese
Birthday: August 1
Position of the Ankaa: Pilot, cook
Psionic Abilities: None
Magical Abilities: None
Hobbies: Reading, fencing, writing
Alri's parents were merchants and she grew up on a trading vessel. Thus, she knows her way around spacecraft and can pilot as well as she can walk. She didn't spend most time around others of her species growing up, so she acts very Human, and tends to idolize Human culture. Her parents were friends of Riki's mother, Mar Darenka, so she's heard of him, though they don't meet until the start of the comic.

Alri is very much a romantic, and an idealist. She is very poised and self-assured. Pretty quickly, Alri develops quite a crush on Riki. She and Melody don't quite get along, as Alri suspects Melody's friendship with Riki is more that that, so she sees Melody as her rival for Riki's affection. Alri is also jealous of the other crew emmber's psionic/magical powers -- she alone lacks them of the crew.

Fun Fact: Alriai's original concept was much more passive and goody-two-shoes. I changed it after I realized this made her irritating.

Seiyuu: Kuwashima Houko
Better known as: Filia ul Copt(Slayers TRY)
I chose Kuwashima Houko for her spendid work as Filia. She shows several great traits that would work for Alri -- a very idelaistic, naive manner, a wonderful holier-than-thou attitude, and an ability to sound really annoyed.

Alriai Aborin, swordswoman